Friday, May 23, 2008

A day with Thomas

With 3 little boys, how could we NOT go to this day with Thomas?? We did not actually pay to ride the train, but we splurged on cotton candy. The boys had fun and we took Nick's grandma with us. I could not believe how exhausted I was from the day... although it could have been all that dental work I had done this morning?!? Sean has been sick also and was a little cranky throughout the day, although he couldn't have shown Mr. Top'em Hat more love with all the hugs he gave him. Cooper loved the hay maze and Mason's favorite part was seeing Thomas EVERYWHERE he looked!!!! All three of them LOVED the petting zoo and eating cotton candy while watching the magician.

wait??! who is that man with our family?!?!? can anyone guess?


Jamie J said...

How fun! Rachel loves Thomas too.

Tinkerbell said... that grizzly adams?? i'll call you tomorrow. i've just been busy, but i've got some time tomorrow evening. hopefully you'll be around.

Nobles Family said...

How fun--that's so funny, I just looked at my friend Anna's blog, and they did the same thing that day!

Reno Wells said...

We visited Thomas one year when we were in UT. Austin must have been about 2 and his eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw the full size Thomas. What a fun trip!!