Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hiking with Daddy and Grandma G

Nick took the boys hiking on Saturday while I cleaned the house from top to bottom. Fun stuff! Grandma Gibbons went along for the fun!

Friday, May 23, 2008

A day with Thomas

With 3 little boys, how could we NOT go to this day with Thomas?? We did not actually pay to ride the train, but we splurged on cotton candy. The boys had fun and we took Nick's grandma with us. I could not believe how exhausted I was from the day... although it could have been all that dental work I had done this morning?!? Sean has been sick also and was a little cranky throughout the day, although he couldn't have shown Mr. Top'em Hat more love with all the hugs he gave him. Cooper loved the hay maze and Mason's favorite part was seeing Thomas EVERYWHERE he looked!!!! All three of them LOVED the petting zoo and eating cotton candy while watching the magician.

wait??! who is that man with our family?!?!? can anyone guess?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mommy tag

Tagged by Janel.....

What time do the kids get up? during the week, anytime between 6:30 and 7:30 (they go to bed at 7pm)

My favorite kids show? Curious George

Favorite chore? I'm going to change this to favorite chore to be done with! which would be shampooing the carpets because it usually means all the other things are done too! and everything looks spotless... oh, for about 10 minutes!

Favorite meal to cook? I love to cook NEW things, and what i like to cook is different from my favorite meal to eat.... I think it would have to be Okonomiyaki (traditional Japanese dish)

Favorite thing that Nick does with the kids? I love how he will take the boys camping one-on-one and build forts and shoot BB guns.... just doing guy stuff!

5 things that make me smile as a Mom:
1. When the brothers help eachother out when there is nothing in it for them but a good feeling inside.
2. When the house is clean, there are cookies, bread or pies cooling in the kitchen and I'm just cuddling with my boys in the love sac reading a book or watching Spiderman.
3. When others recognize the good things about my children.
4. When they hit milestones, like going potty for the first time, or losing a tooth...
5. Wathing them sleep.

Where do I want to take the kids someday? to Japan, to show them where Nick and I used to wander the streets, i want to bike ride all over that country with my boys.....

1 thing I said I'd never do as a Mom? i said that i wouldn't let my kids watch too much tv or lose my temper

Favorite quality about my Mom: my mom is constant, she never changes her mood or attitude, you can always depend on her to be the same supportive and most down to earth mommy ever!

Advice for Moms: forgive yourself when you mess up, and start new everyday. pick your battles with the kids. and tell them everyday how much you love them, how lucky you are to have them in your family and how special they are to you individually... do this and you'll see their little faces lite up with a unforgettable smile of innocence...


Mason's Corner #5

i walk around telling everyone "pay park" (play park) but i don't get to go everytime i ask. the park is my favorite place. i run... and run and run... i don't look behind me because i really don't care what's back there... i only care about where i can go!

mommy let me play in the fountain.... wow! what a thrill! maybe she only let me because i stepped in mud. hmmmm, i should step in mud more often.

cooper let me play with his ball.... wow! what a nice brother! even though he's silly and has a tooth missing, he keeps an eye on me so i don't get hurt or wander too far.

i love the park... i love my brothers... i love being 2!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

tuckered taco tables n' teeth

I spent the morning in the dentist's chair getting all sorts of good news about my teeth. Over the many years of deep cavities, i've managed to acrue many hours in the dentist's chair. The good news is, is that my prior dentist informed me that I would need many root canals and crowns. This new dentist offered a different perspective, much more conservative... and as of right now, I don't need any root canals, just a few fillings because we haven't been to a dentist in years. But my habit of flossing daily has definitely paid off i'm happy to say.

I spent the afternoon outside with the boys. they drew on the carport....

they played in the sandbox....

they caused all sorts of trouble....

they hardly touched the swings.... (why did I hang these?)

somebody showed how tuckered he was at the table while eating tacos....

I know three little boys that will sleep well tonight! THANK YOU bright summery day!

Now I will have peace to read my book!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

a day for moms, a moment of loss, a reminder to laugh

Mommy's day....

not one of my favorite holidays, i'm just not so sure why everyday isn't mother's day... especially with young children, we are sometimes overwhelmed because of this thankless job. however, in speaking with a dear older sister at church today, she assured me that someday, your children will appreciate all that you do and did.

What would be the ideal mother's day to you? a day at the spa? reading a book all day on a swing in the backyard, while the kids and your husband do all the work? but really, it defeats the purpose.... why would you want to spend the day NOT surrounded by those that make you a mother (in my case three rambunctious little boys)? or better yet, why would you want to spend the day NOT doing the things that define you as woman and mother? To me, mother's day is everyone else's day to celebrate mothers, it's more for their benefit and not ours, it's there to make them remember and appreciate their moms. Like today, my thoughts turned to my own mother and grandmothers, but not to really to myself as a mother.

I so much appreciated the homecooked banana pancakes, hashed browns and chance to sleep in this morning! more than the benefit to myself, I love my husband so dearly for taking the time to think about my needs and showing a marvelous example our boys that he cares for and loves their mother.

Sacrament meeting....

opening song, Love at Home :::bleck:::
sacrament hymn, In Humility, Our Saviour... MY FAVORITE sacrament hymn!!! So we're singing this beautiful song and i'm feeling the love and sweet spirit of the sacrament and enjoying my mother's day... when Cooper taps my arm and with blood dripping down his bottom lip whispers, "mom, my tooth just fell out." i scramble for a tissue and we clean up the mess. the three of us laughing...the hymn ending... i'm reminded that i am, afterall, a mom.... just as you think you get a chance to sit back and enjoy a moment, chaos bares her teeth and what can you do, but laugh it off? I love being a mom... everyday is a celebration. every jar of jam i can, every cookie i bake, and every toilet i clean i do because i love being a mom.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

OH yeah baby.... i can't wait... anyone up for a girl's night out?

Twilight in HD

the secret stash of little boys

as i separated out the laundry, i'm in the habit of checking pockets... here was today's haul....

a b

c d
e f

Can you match?
1. I surrender to the 4 year old!
2. I guess I forgot to give these to my mommy!
3. Great, now something is going to fall apart!
4. An extra point if you guess the caliber!
5. They're 2 they're 4 they're 6 and 8....
6. A vacant home for a pesty invertebrate.


And I'm SO excited to start reading!! If anyone else is reading this too, let me know!
I had forgotten that I pre-ordered this last year. What a pleasant suprise to receive it on this gloomy day of rain and sick kids.
If only I had a fireplace.....

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I am Legend, alternative ending movie review


Okay, so Nick and I saw this movie in the theater. Besides being thoroughly creeped out, we both left the theater loving the movie. So we watched the movie with the alternative ending on DVD. I've let it digest a few days and this is what I think....
We all know the end of a movie clinches the deal. A movie can totally BORE you for 1.5 hours, but, if the ending is good, you find yourself wanting to see it again.
The alternative ending to "I am Legend" changes the entire dynamics of the movie.
In the theatrical version, Will Smith blows himself up to protect the cure that he has just found for the disease that has whacked most of the planet. The woman and kid make it safely to the commune with the miracle cure.....
In the alternative ending, the creepy hemocyte leader (seen below) falls back on his attack to allow Smith to bring the kidnapped woman hemocyte back to consiousness and Smith proceeds to give her back to them. They leave Will Smith, the woman and the kid alone. Will Smith apologizes for the "others" that he has killed (pictured all over his lab wall). The three of them leave NYC safely in daylight.

Okay, so.... I thought that Will Smith blowing himself to smithereens to save the cure, the woman and the child was a bit Hollywood and of course no one likes to see Will Smith get blown up. I thought it was a bit unnecessary and even told Nick that the movie would have been better if he'd lived. But upon seeing the alternate ending, I'm not so sure. These hemocytes who are infected with this zombie-creating virus are not just slaves to their uncontrollable hunger, but do show signs of being human and can be reasoned with. Will Smith doesn't die, but walks through all of these crazies getting growled and snarled at (as above) which I thought was a little over-the-top also, but hey, it's a Hollywood sci-fi movie, what do you expect?

Both movies end on the note of hope, but I'm still on the fence... I doubt many have seen this movie or better yet, BOTH versions... but any opinions? Here are your options....

A. The theater version was the bomb!

B. The alternate ending clinched it for me.

C. I'm on the fence too!

D. Sorry Emily, too creepy of a movie for me to see!

E. I've only seen the movie version... thanks for spoiling it for me!

Mason's Corner #4

my favorite book this week.... i love to find all the dinos and balls, my two most favorite things in the whole world!

i kept my mommy up all night last night because my tummy hurt soooo bad. i just kept on screaming and screaming. i tried to tell her "a-tummy urrrt, a-tummy urrrrt." but she didn't fix it. so finally i started saying "ban-aid" while pointing to my tummy. she finally caught on and after a lot of pleading, she put a band aid on my tummy. it made me feel sooooo much better. those band aids must have magic in them!

i have the most mysterious wound on my arm. no one can figure out where this came from. i will send a prize to anyone who can figure it out.... just in case you can't see it well, it's five evenly-spaced little circles.

so i'm under the weather a little bit today. but it doesn't stop me from causing trouble! in fact, i'm going to go and see what kind of mess i can make.... until next time.....

Friday, May 2, 2008


I've been tagged by Carla.... Thanks!

Where I was 10 years ago: I really have to think on this one.... OHOHOH I remember, May of 1998 was a HUGE month for me! I was living back at home, having finished college and saving money, received my mission call for Japan, and sold my precious little Honda. Also in the month of May, I went with Melanie and friend Jeanie to Havasu falls in the Grand Canyon (GREAT TRIP). Upon returning from that I went back to my university to "walk" and recieved my diploma. Then entered the MTC in the beginning of June 1998.

Things on my to do list: Dishes, clean my bedroom, make beds, take a shower, go to emergency supply store to get some more stuff for food storage, pick up Coop from school.... my my my how life changes!

Things I would do if I was a billionaire: I don't ever want to have so much money that I wouldn't know what to do with it. Honestly, I don't know.

3 of my bad habits: Baking too much, trying to convince myself that I can sleep in every morning (yeah right!), talking too much (I try so hard to keep my mouth shut! I really do and i'm getting better)

5 places I've lived: San Jose, CA, Hawaii, Japan, San Diego, CA, Utah

5 jobs I've had: Cashier, Construction Testing Technician, Administrative Assistant, IT and Technical Support, and the best job of all, a MOM!

Something people don't know about me: Who knows? I'm really an open book!

4 people I tag: Heidi, Jamie, Katie, and Lindsey (I couldn't decide so I picked all the girls who's names end with and eeeee sound! don't worry, i wont be offended if you don't do this, i realize that people do have lives outside of blogging!)