Friday, April 11, 2008

New Perspective

i've basked in pretty darn good health my entire life. i've had my share of the colds and flus since i've had kids, but overall, i'm clinically healthy, built for having babies says my doctor. however, last month i got the flu which progressed into pneumonia. can i just say that i have gained a new found appreciation for just feeling normal? normally when you're sick, especially as a mother, you can use the "mind over matter" technique and just push through the illness, essentially ignoring it's presense. i couldn't do that with this one, i could barely stand, eat or function for about 10 days. my fever was between 102-105 for most of that time thus killing my appetite or any spark of energy that may have emerged. honestly though, even though it was a horrid 2 weeks, i have seriously come out of it with gusto. i thank my Heavenly Father in every prayer for my health and the health of my family. i find myself appreciating my energy and overall normalness. i can actually make dinner, go to the store, fold laundry and run kids to various appts. what is the purpose of this post?... honestly, it's not to seek sympathy but to share with all moms and others to make the most of every minute, because it STINKS to not be able to function! i'm grateful for this little trial and for what i've learned.... but i'm not looking forward to the next one!


Barbara said...

Every time I'm getting toward the end of a pregnancy, when I hit the super uncomfortable stage where I am right now, I need a little reminder of how grateful I am for my good health. I mean, I could have pneumonia or something and be a lot more than just uncomfortable. Thanks for sharing! Good health is a blessing that is easy to take for granted.

Jamie J said...

Glad you're feeling better!! I love your new pics on the sidebar, btw. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the blessings we have.