Monday, April 14, 2008

Mason's Corner #3

what i look like this week....

yes, that's right!!! thank you for noticing my thomas underwear. i'm learning to use the potty! mom, dad and my brothers get really excited when i go pee on my potty and best of all they give me candy! what a deal! but sometimes i just don't WANT to go on the potty, so i have lots of "asss'den" (accidents) but mom says that's okay because that's how i learn....
my favorite book this week..... i love to say "chhhhruck"

overall, it's been a super fun week. we went to the park and went to grandma and papa's house for birthydays. we sang happy birthday to 5 different people, 5 times!!! and i sang so loud because it's my favorite song! i made everyone smile with my "happy to you! happy to you!"
i'm still very determined to do what i want to do. i grab anyone who's willing by the hand and say "come!" and bring them to what I want. yesterday, my dad would hold me in the air to put the ball into the "bakayball" (basketball) hoop. i loved doing this so much that i wanted to play this game all night, but i ran out of tall people that were willing to lift me! after many fits, i finally relented to taking a shower in the ice and water dispenser on the front of grandma's fridge.

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