Saturday, April 12, 2008

lovin' on the flag, playin' tag and cheesy brownies?

we ventured across the street to the park today to enjoy one of the first warmer days of the year. as we were walking through the park, Cooper runs to the flag pole and yells "oh the flag! I LOVE the flag!" and he threw his arms around the base of the pole. some of you may remember my post about the pledge of allegiance a while back.... but i will repeat my thoughts from that day, in that, i'm grateful that my child is in a place where he can learn to appreciate the flag, his country, and his freedom.

also.... I made this yummy dessert... totally shouldn't have... after one piece I felt like I ate a brick! but hey! a cheesecake baked on top of brownies with caramel sauce??!? how could i resist? just looking at the picture makes me remember that tummy ache! and it reminds me that that cake ended up somewhere between my knees and waist.

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Jamie J said...


I love that your son loves the flag! I am such a patriot and have a love for the flag and what it stands for too.

And I SO want to punch some waves tomorrow...