Wednesday, April 16, 2008

just to give you an idea

of what a day in the life of Mace is like.....

That shirt finally made it to the laundry bin after getting peed on.
Not pictured:
-2 potty training accidents (even when he does make it to the toilet, he usually misses!)
-the baby powder he dumped on the living room floor
Bless our little mess
:::Potty Training update:::
in Mason' defense I have to say that he's pooped on the toilet 2 days in a row without mishap! AWESOME!!! but he's only peed 1 time in 4 days on his own accord, he will always go if i put him on there and bribe him with candy or cookies, but if I just leave him alone, he just goes where he stands.... any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated! I know he's ready... should I stick with it or give up?


Parkin Family said...

Wow - Best of luck - I think I won the worst mom award with my last attempt at that 9 years ago.


Chels said...

Stick with it! Have you tried the cheerios thing so he has to aim?
Good luck, I will be starting potty training this summer - yikes!

Opfar said...

Ella is the SAME way- all day, everyday... mess, mess, mess! Is it the "youngest" thing to do, or something??! You're a brave woman for potty training boys so young! Mine were a month away from 3! I figured I was just going to wait 'till they thought it was 'cool' to use the toilet. 3 seemed to be the magic number for us.