Wednesday, April 30, 2008

it took me a while...

but i finally joined facebook.....

What do you think?

Taking Cooper to school in the morning is my favorite thing to do! I just love how cars crowd the "Kindergarten drop of zone" while they let out their 3rd and 6th graders. Anyway, this morning I hop in the Acura and take Coop to school as usual. I leave the car idling out of habit, because it takes me about a minute or two to walk him to his door. When I get back to the car, I find this.... on my windshield.... My initial reaction was much needed belly laugh. I shook my head smiled and laughed hard. But as the morning went on, I thought about it more, I began to feel slightly offended. I began to think, "how damaging could 2 minutes worth of emissions from our little 2 door Acura really do to the environment?" and "what right does this person have to try and change me? they don't know me, my situation or my car.... what if the car doesn't always start?" or "if they are so passionate about it, why couldn't they have approached me in person and NICELY spoken to me about their concerns for the environment?"
I know that my thoughts are instantly defensive, and that if this person HAD confronted me, we probably would have had an argument about drilling in ANWAR or the wheat shortage due to all the farmers grown corn for ethanol! I can get a little heated about politics and "environmental issues."

I realize that I'm trying to defend my position, but here is food for thought...
Do you think that this person was justified?
Do you think that I should not leave my car on idle (hoping someone steals it) to keep peace in the community? or should I just keep on doing what I've been doing this whole school year?
Would you do something like this? If yes, why?
Please, I think I need some perspective....

Monday, April 28, 2008

mom's review

we ventured today to the Discovery Gateway and although the boys were....

loving the....

intrigued by the....

curious about the.....

captivated by the.....

(Sean had to make sure that it wasn't going to take off, after checking the bottom of the chopper he proudly announced to the rest of the kids, "Don't worry guys!!! it's bolted to the floor, we are not going ANYWHERE!" that's my observant little guy for you!)

wondering what it's like to....

couldn't stay off of the.....

and had fun becoming all sorts of non-little boy things....

this place was a rip off!!! at 8.50 a head (adults, babies... all of us) and an extra 3.50 a head if you want to see the Sesame Street exhibit, i just cant justify the cost of a place that my kids exhausted in less than 2 hours.

luckily i had free passes!
for your viewing pleasure.....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

dancing eggs

Who will survive the egg challenge?

ahh.... who cares? it's super fun to just play the game!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

just to give you an idea

of what a day in the life of Mace is like.....

That shirt finally made it to the laundry bin after getting peed on.
Not pictured:
-2 potty training accidents (even when he does make it to the toilet, he usually misses!)
-the baby powder he dumped on the living room floor
Bless our little mess
:::Potty Training update:::
in Mason' defense I have to say that he's pooped on the toilet 2 days in a row without mishap! AWESOME!!! but he's only peed 1 time in 4 days on his own accord, he will always go if i put him on there and bribe him with candy or cookies, but if I just leave him alone, he just goes where he stands.... any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated! I know he's ready... should I stick with it or give up?

Monday, April 14, 2008

the influence of a parent

as we folded laundry last night, i enticed my husband to watch "The Jazz Singer." the movie began and instantly i started shyly singing along, "be comin' to America.... TODAY!"

Have you ever?? .....

a. thought a movie that you saw a really really long time ago was SOOOO GOOD and then saw it again and thought "what was I thinking?"


b. sang along with old tunes from your parents generation while thinking, "how do I know every word to this song?"


c. felt a little awkard about watching a movie that you boasted was so great, while the person seeing it for the first time looks like their being tortured?

okay... so secretly I totally enjoyed the walk down memory lane. i kept thinking of American Idol and if Mr. Neil Diamond were on that show, he'd win for sure! what a voice?!?! and i even love his newer album, with it's ballad-like quality.

thanks mom, for brainwashing me as a child with good music!

Mason's Corner #3

what i look like this week....

yes, that's right!!! thank you for noticing my thomas underwear. i'm learning to use the potty! mom, dad and my brothers get really excited when i go pee on my potty and best of all they give me candy! what a deal! but sometimes i just don't WANT to go on the potty, so i have lots of "asss'den" (accidents) but mom says that's okay because that's how i learn....
my favorite book this week..... i love to say "chhhhruck"

overall, it's been a super fun week. we went to the park and went to grandma and papa's house for birthydays. we sang happy birthday to 5 different people, 5 times!!! and i sang so loud because it's my favorite song! i made everyone smile with my "happy to you! happy to you!"
i'm still very determined to do what i want to do. i grab anyone who's willing by the hand and say "come!" and bring them to what I want. yesterday, my dad would hold me in the air to put the ball into the "bakayball" (basketball) hoop. i loved doing this so much that i wanted to play this game all night, but i ran out of tall people that were willing to lift me! after many fits, i finally relented to taking a shower in the ice and water dispenser on the front of grandma's fridge.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

lovin' on the flag, playin' tag and cheesy brownies?

we ventured across the street to the park today to enjoy one of the first warmer days of the year. as we were walking through the park, Cooper runs to the flag pole and yells "oh the flag! I LOVE the flag!" and he threw his arms around the base of the pole. some of you may remember my post about the pledge of allegiance a while back.... but i will repeat my thoughts from that day, in that, i'm grateful that my child is in a place where he can learn to appreciate the flag, his country, and his freedom.

also.... I made this yummy dessert... totally shouldn't have... after one piece I felt like I ate a brick! but hey! a cheesecake baked on top of brownies with caramel sauce??!? how could i resist? just looking at the picture makes me remember that tummy ache! and it reminds me that that cake ended up somewhere between my knees and waist.

getting all the attention

I was going through pictures today and found this one amusing.... Sean, who had just burnt his hand, is being consoled by Nana while the other kids watch.... priceless moment... was this photo an accident? who knows? but if anyone needs extra attention, it's Sean, unfortunate middle child.

Friday, April 11, 2008

New Perspective

i've basked in pretty darn good health my entire life. i've had my share of the colds and flus since i've had kids, but overall, i'm clinically healthy, built for having babies says my doctor. however, last month i got the flu which progressed into pneumonia. can i just say that i have gained a new found appreciation for just feeling normal? normally when you're sick, especially as a mother, you can use the "mind over matter" technique and just push through the illness, essentially ignoring it's presense. i couldn't do that with this one, i could barely stand, eat or function for about 10 days. my fever was between 102-105 for most of that time thus killing my appetite or any spark of energy that may have emerged. honestly though, even though it was a horrid 2 weeks, i have seriously come out of it with gusto. i thank my Heavenly Father in every prayer for my health and the health of my family. i find myself appreciating my energy and overall normalness. i can actually make dinner, go to the store, fold laundry and run kids to various appts. what is the purpose of this post?... honestly, it's not to seek sympathy but to share with all moms and others to make the most of every minute, because it STINKS to not be able to function! i'm grateful for this little trial and for what i've learned.... but i'm not looking forward to the next one!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lady fingers and hum dingers

Has everyone with little boys discovered Geo Trax? They are so much fun! We began collecting them starting at Christmas of '06 and the boys absolutely LOVE them and play with them for HOURS. Each train has a simple remote control easy enough for little Mason to work himself. And to be honest, they're fun for Nick and I too. Sometimes I wonder how many of the kids' toys we actually bought with them in mind. I get more excited about the toys than they do.

I found this delightful recipe and thought I'd give it a try. It was fabulous! SO simple and easy, and super yummy for a Spring day!

Mason's latest favorite shows are Caillou and Little Einsteins. Can I just say that after 4 days of singing "We're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship!...." I feel as if I'm losing my ability to rock out, although Little Einsteins is much more bearable to me than Caillou.... who's completely annoying voice and laugh make me cringe lately. His perfect little life, mother and father are actually beginning to disturb me. Once I thought it was such a cute show, but Caillou's mom is actually making me feel guilty, like, "why cant I be such a nice mom?" Am I losing my mind being swayed to guilt by a lame kid's show?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Mason's Corner #2

i love my new bed

i love it so much i actually stay in it

i've learned lots of new words, like "cuddle" and "rocketship"
my favorite book this week is.....
i love to lay on my tummy on the living room floor, basking in sunlight while "reading" all about dinos!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Not too shabby.....

Nick with his brothers..... not a bad looking bunch! and ladies... only 2 are taken!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mason's Corner

What I look like this week.....

My FAVORITE book this week.....

i should have listened to mommy when she told me that those weren't stairs.

mom and dad understand me when i say, "piggy pantate.... piggy pantate.... piggy pantate".... I have a hard time holding myself together if i cant find my pig book, but mommy seems to always know where it is.

my brother Cooper is sick today and home from school....

my main struggle right now is convincing all those around me that everything within eyeshot is MINE.

i am embracing my second year with gusto. i'm so smart and can do anything that my big brother Cooper can do.

Thanks John and Kate!

I'm a total fan of the show "John and Kate + 8" (I like it because it's a show I can actually watch with the kids around and they like it to! with all those kids and chaos!) and she did edible playdough! I thought, "how great!" and it was so simple. So today we gave it a shot. I gave the boys cookie cutters and choco chips to decorate and they went to town making all sorts of creations. Thanks John and Kate for great ideas! AND it's not that bad for them!
equal parts honey, peanut butter, powdered milk (and flour .... as much as you need to meet the consistency you want)