Wednesday, February 27, 2008

we have a glimpse.... but will she stay?

this winter has been exceptionally long. exceptionally cold. exceptionally dark. and even though we are still in the midst of mr. winter, today we had a small kiss of mrs. spring. the sun's rays reflected off the brown grass and bounced into our home, calling us outside. we accepted the call and ventured across the street.

peels of laughter came from mason as he conquered the green slide, HIS slide, about one hundred and thirty-two times. the sunlight brought his smiles out as he giggled at me from the swing.

sean remains aloof as ever as he takes advantage of the time to wander and find what he dubs, "dirty jobs." i say, "sean stay out of the mud" or "sean don't pick that up!" to which sean replies... "but mom, i'm doing dirty jobs!"

thanks a lot mike rowe....

and thanks even more beautiful, warming sun

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Jamie J said...

I second that! It's been beautiful the last couple days. We are soaking it up while we can!