Monday, February 25, 2008

laughing at absurdity

because of THIS movie.....
When you browse the redbox movies looking for A. something you haven't seen B. something that is NOT for kids C. something that is NOT rated R and D. something that the hubby might like also (aka no chick flicks) THIS is what you come home with!!!
this movie doesn't even deserve my attention. but it was so bad that i actually guffawed the entire way through.
Mr. Stephen Baldwin's hair is horrid and his bad acting shine through. the plot stinks. the scientific elements would baffle a kindergartner... like flying the space shuttle into a giant cavern all while dodging falling rocks. The acting was so bad that Nick and I just laughed until our sides ached.
I will give credit to this nerdy scientist side character who had like 5 lines in the whole movie. The guy could actually act.
long story short.... don't waste 1.5 hours on this beauty!


Jamie J said...

I don't even know what that movie is...I like redbox, but hate it when there are people lined up in front of you because it takes forever to get a movie!

Emily said...

I guess I should have given the title of the movie... duh???

It was called "Earthstorm"

May it rest in peace....