Friday, January 18, 2008

what is up with them? by Mason

so i found this boot behind my bed today and thought, "hey this is cool!" i put it on and walked around in it for a few hours. mom kept calling me "uni-boot"... and THEN, i found the other one! isn't that great?!! then i thought, "hey! when you put two shoes on, it means you get to leave!" isn't this how it normally works? i put on my shoes and i get to go somewhere with mom or dad? i get it, why don't they? i mean, i know i'm in my jammies but hey, i've been in this house all day and i wanna go to the park, but they just aren't getting the message. i pulled on my red boots and flashed them to mommy explaining to her that i was ready to go, but she just gave me some juice. i put my shoed feet on daddy telling him that i was all set to get in my car seat and head to the library, but he just started wrestling with me. i'm not sure what's wrong with my parents, they seem a little dense at times.... maybe tomorrow i will try putting on my jacket too. then maybe, just maybe they'll take me somewhere!

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