Friday, January 25, 2008

How easily they're pleased....

I sliced Sean a piece of roasted peppers and corn quiche, placed in on a plate and left the room. A few minutes later he wanders in to me and asks, "mom, what are the red things in that pie?" Not wanting to give up the fact that they're red peppers I replied, "those are just the flavors." Sean jumps around and runs back into the kitchen yelling, "oh good! I LOVE flavors!"

okay.... 10 minutes later...

Sean: Mom, can I have a granilla bar with my dinner?

Mom: No, you may not have a GRANOLA bar, just eat your quiche.

Sean: Mom, I need to tell you something... I don't think I like that pie, it makes my throat spicy.

HMMMM Maybe my little tricks didn't work for me this time!

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Tinkerbell said...

i'm so gonna kidnap him one of these better watch out!