Thursday, January 31, 2008

The early signs of a head banger

Stand aside Metallica.... here's another "one"

I just love my little guys! They are so much fun!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Why wait?

For those with a third child and not very much money understand why some of us moms wait to change diapers. We wait until they poop, thus validating the 30 cents. OR there are instances such as this evening....

Notice how thick little Mason's left leg is.....

And this would be why......

Well, maybe I shouldn't wait THAT long! I guess I'm still learning!

How easily they're pleased....

I sliced Sean a piece of roasted peppers and corn quiche, placed in on a plate and left the room. A few minutes later he wanders in to me and asks, "mom, what are the red things in that pie?" Not wanting to give up the fact that they're red peppers I replied, "those are just the flavors." Sean jumps around and runs back into the kitchen yelling, "oh good! I LOVE flavors!"

okay.... 10 minutes later...

Sean: Mom, can I have a granilla bar with my dinner?

Mom: No, you may not have a GRANOLA bar, just eat your quiche.

Sean: Mom, I need to tell you something... I don't think I like that pie, it makes my throat spicy.

HMMMM Maybe my little tricks didn't work for me this time!

Monday, January 21, 2008

so true....

Buy this shirt today at .... I thought it was pretty darn funny! Actually this site has tons of funny stuff!

Friday, January 18, 2008

what is up with them? by Mason

so i found this boot behind my bed today and thought, "hey this is cool!" i put it on and walked around in it for a few hours. mom kept calling me "uni-boot"... and THEN, i found the other one! isn't that great?!! then i thought, "hey! when you put two shoes on, it means you get to leave!" isn't this how it normally works? i put on my shoes and i get to go somewhere with mom or dad? i get it, why don't they? i mean, i know i'm in my jammies but hey, i've been in this house all day and i wanna go to the park, but they just aren't getting the message. i pulled on my red boots and flashed them to mommy explaining to her that i was ready to go, but she just gave me some juice. i put my shoed feet on daddy telling him that i was all set to get in my car seat and head to the library, but he just started wrestling with me. i'm not sure what's wrong with my parents, they seem a little dense at times.... maybe tomorrow i will try putting on my jacket too. then maybe, just maybe they'll take me somewhere!

How they came back.....

I think I'll blame the sub zero Salt Lake City temperatures on this one. While indoors to avoid the bitter and biting weather, we sit huddled together with blankets to avoid turning up the heat anymore (to keep the bills down).... and what better way to heat up the place than by what else?? Turning on the oven of course!!!! Since Jan 1st I've dropped 8 lbs, but I think they came back this week.... in the form of these....
and this....

YUM YUM.... Macaroons drizzled with semi-sweet chocolate and Focaccia Bread.... I'm not sure how my motivation for healthy eating plummeted so quickly this year. I usually last until April or May. Like I said before, I'll blame it on this horrid COLD spell we're in the middle of!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

101 things about Emily .... but only if you're really really bored

1. One time a spider fell behind my bed and I slept on the couch for 2 days.

2. I want a daughter

3. I have a clicking sound in my jaw.

4. I wish I had a reason to get dressed up formally... it just doesn't happen these days!

5. I used to have a female cat named "Bob"

6. In college I thought I wanted to be a Primatologist (a nickel for anyone who even knows what that is!)

7. I wear a size 10 1/2 shoe... try finding THAT!!!!

8. I totally want the game "High School Musical" for the Wii

9. I love Pokemon cards

10. I used to have fluorescent pink hair.

11. I love to go to church

12. I have 3 boys

13. Ear bud headphones KILL my ears

14. I love American Idol

15. I was a missionary in Japan.

16. I wish I were an early riser

17. I have nightmares that Hilary Clinton actually became our president :O

18. I love the smell of rain

19. I love the smell of baking bread

20. The star spangled banner makes me cry.... every time.

21. I was in the process of joining the Peace Corps (was going to be assigned to Tibet) when I thought, "oops, I haven't prayed about this one yet," 2 weeks after receiving a "NO!" I met Nick

22. I will find any excuse to go to Orson H. Gygi

23. I stink at snowboarding

24. I've just realized that I have a major caffeine addiction

25. Utah is not my favorite place

26. I loved the show "Sledge Hammer" actually, I still think it's pretty funny

27. I want a house

28. When browsing the TV channels, I stop at "Little House on the Prairie" and "Glenn Beck" and "A Baby Story" and "Dog the Bounty Hunter"

29. I'm a night person

30. I loved the movie, "Meet Joe Black" when everyone else HATED it

31. There was a time when I thought that ice blocking was cool and fun

32. I haven't decided if I'm ready for baby #4

33. Life stinks when you don't have a dishwasher and you're cooking 3 meals a day for 5 people!

34. I wish I could spend $100 on a cute pair of jeans from Banana Republic

35. I would eat popcorn for dinner every night if my family didn't need better nutrition

36. I want to travel

37. I want a karaoke machine but will probably never get one because hubby is not interested

38. I don't think it's possible to leave Costco more than $100 poorer

39. Culinary School... if I EVER have enough TIME and MONEY

40. I used to ride a motorcycle... even to church in my dress

41. I cant stand it when it's over 79 degrees

42. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. It's all about family and food... my two favorite things.

43. I don't want to be rich... just comfy

44. I want to see the northern lights someday

45. I hugged an Apostle of Jesus Christ

46. I should hug more often...

47. I love the kitchen

48. I love to play settlers of Catan

49. I think Michael Savage hits the nail on the head, most of the time.

50. I taught myself how to play the piano. I suck at it.

51. I want to built forts for my boys.

52. I loathe health insurance companies

53. I make my husband play Killer Bunnies with me at least once a week

54. I love to sleep in

55. I dug up my dead pet hamster when I was two, not understanding why he'd been put in the ground (for those of you who know Sean are probably laughing right now)

56. I want a huge round kitchen table someday

57. I love to bake.

58. I love to eat baked things.

59. I love to eat period.

60. But, I hate being fat.

61. I love down comforters

62. I was a cheerleader in high school (I can't believe I admitted that, it was a fluke, I was a total nerd and my entire squad was mean to me)

63. I've always wanted to have lots of boys! (as in giving birth to them that is!!!)

64. I have a secret love of furniture

65. I wish I had more energy, then I could actually exercise. (ha ha)

66. Dill pickle sunflower seeds.... enough said

67. I have a complex (in other words, I always think everyone hates me.... I've gotten better, but it's still there)

68. I don't like Vegas

69. It has nothing to do with the fact that I was married there... in a drive thru

70. I like Ska music

71. One of the first words that I learned how to spell was "Tchaikovsky"

72. I spent a semester at BYU Hawaii

73. I used to build "frog towns" in the dirt in my backyard as a kid.

74. My favorite color is green because it's the color of grass and trees

75. I cry on "Extreme Home Makeover Home Edition" EVERY time they see their new house... mostly because I'm jealous.

76. I love to rock.

77. I love the rain.

78. I love the snow.

79. I love the sun.

80. I love skankin' to the beat!

81. I think Utah has some of the world's worst drivers

82. I HATED elementary school

83. I HATED junior high

84. I HATED high school

85. I LOVED college!

86. I was in the "Gotcha!" club at BYU Hawaii, I got second place

87. There was a creepy old man on my street growing up

88. I thoroughly enjoy my Nintendo DS

89. I still believe in Santa

90. I'm sick of counting points

91. I think lightning is one of the most awesome things to watch

92. Half way through my Senior year of high school I had 52 absences.... I really did love the beach!

93. I love to shop.... but only when I have money... so basically, I love the IDEA of shopping

94. We finally got an IKEA near us!

95. I love to swim in the ocean

96. My husband saw a picture of me a year before we met.... no clue that he would one day be my hubby

97. I want a cat, but I'm allergic :(

98. I've found 2 four leaf clovers in my life.... I lost them both within the 1st hour of finding them

99. Recently, I've taken up snowshoeing

100. I'm still trying to convince my husband to make out with me on a Ferris wheel.... just something I've always thought would be unforgettable

101. This post took a few months to finish and if anyone made it to the end... I'm highly impressed! and I'm sure you're thoroughly bored, but HEY I had to post something!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Why I haven't blogged....

I know that I don't owe anyone an excuse... but here it is nonetheless. Several illnesses have run rampant in our home over the past 6 weeks (I myself have had 3 colds, the stomach flu and this current throat thing). It seems there is one or two days of health and we're pelted with another illness. Currently, Nick and I are suffering from severe sore throats. I can't even talk or drink water without gagging it's horrible!

I was at Instacare with Sean on Sunday.

Tomorrow is testing day. Sean is getting tested for juvenile diabetes and I will be tested for a certain hereditary cancer, cholesterol and strep throat.

So like I said.... life for us has been pretty drab with lots of tylenol and fever checks! I'm pretty confident that all the testing tomorrow will be negative and I cant WAIT to be healthy once again.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


We started a new tradition this year....


It's a traditional Japanese dish that we like to make Hiroshima style.... soooooooo yummy! And just eating this yummy food zooms me back to the mission days where we would stop at the okonomiyaki shops and eat our warm food right off the hot grill, perfect for a winter day!