Friday, December 7, 2007

The week that brought us into the season

Friday. As we were driving to get our Christmas tree and deliver Christmas goodies last Friday, I heard a retching sound from the back seat. Sean completely covered the back half of our Suburban in loads and loads of our favorite smelly chunky stuff. We turned around and came home. I still had to deliver the goodies (so they'd still be fresh) and I got lost. Finally, I found the house I was looking for. I had Cooper with me, but he'd fallen asleep (we'd been in the car for over an hour!), so I left him in the car with the engine running for heat. I visited with my friend and went back out to the car to find that I'd locked the keys in the car. It took jumping, banging, yelling and over one hour to awaken my deep sleeping Cooper, get him to unharness his seat belt, climb into the front seat and unlock the door. PHEW, that was over.... on the drive home, I didn't get lost! But I did start to feel a bit nauseous. oh GREAT! I rushed home, cleaned my bathroom, did a quick pick up of the house, made my bed, put a bowl next to my bed and waited for it to hit. I started barfing around 2 AM. Mason awoke and started saying that his tummy was "ouwie." As he cried about his tummy, and I cried about feeling lousy, I lay in my bed all night, with frequent trips to the bathroom. I didn't sleep all night :( Basically we all got sick this past week except for Cooper.

Monday. Still sick, but I'm getting pestered TO DEATH because we still don't have a Christmas tree, I venture into the storage to rummage up the lights, ornaments, stand, etc.... The stand is nowhere to be found (I vaguely remember it breaking last year). The lights aren't all working (can you tell?) and I never did find my garlands. I go alone (Nick had to study for finals) to the store to buy a new stand and a tree.... manage to get it home, work, and collapse in the bean bag!

Tuesday. Still sick. Put up tree, lights (I put them on even though they didn't all work!) decor, etc. Work. Collapse.

Wednesday. Still sick. Tree fell over in the middle of the night (MORAL: read instructions for new Christmas tree stand... not a bad idea, how did I miss that one?). So I was jolted from sleep at 4AM with an odd thudding sound.... I was able to prop the tree up in the corner to put back together in the morning. Motherboard on computer died. HMMMM, Emily needs to work to make money, but cant without a computer.... soooo I had to but in a new motherboard, processor and memory. IE NOT CHEAP!!! Collapse.

Thursday. Still sick. Heater not working, bathtub stuck in the ON position... water running constantly. This was just a crazy day, I wont go into details, but I was the first day of my "cycle" so I was in a cranky mood and had SO MUCH TO take care of!!!!

Today. Mason, Nick and I are all STILL sick. I'm beginning to wonder what this bug is!!!!???? I still cant eat without my stomach knotting up and I'm frequenting the bathroom. Computer is home and finally up and running.

Delivery us already!!!!!

Despite all.... I'm actually in a pretty good mood. While decorating the Christmas tree with the boys, we talked about the Savior, the meaning of Christmas, sang songs, my eyes wet the entire time.

No matter how bad things are.... we are overall healthy, we are happy, we love each other to death and how can anyone not smile during this magical time of year?

And tonight we are blessed with this.....


Jamie J said...

Sorry you are all still sick!! The stomach flu sucks!

katieel said...

I have one big word for you Emily...GASTROENTERITIS...a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE stomach, intestinal virus that puts you down for days....We ALL had that when Isaac was 6 months (nice way to remember him turning 6 months huh?) and I was down for 4 days..on the fifth day I finally felt better and wanted to eat. I so feel for you as a mom being sick when your kids are sick as well....especially with that! I hope you are feeling better. I like your tree...