Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sean and the "Candy Machine"

I went to Costco today to return the "Aqua Dots" that Sean got for his birthday (that were recalled). Sean was in-tow so that he could pick a new present.... both of his birthday presents had to be returned, poor little guy! (Don't feel sorry for this little guy for too long) So as I'm talking to the Customer Service Rep., I hear the alarm sirens start blaring throughout Costco. Just then I look behind me to see Sean hanging on this.....

I say to the lady, "I think my son just set off your fire alarm, I'm so sorry!" They all thought it was quite funny. Even the guy that made the "false alarm" announcement over the loud speaker was trying not to laugh. But I didn't think it was very funny as Sean explains to everyone that he thought it was a "candy machine." I really wasn't in the mood to let the little stinker pick out a new toy... but a promise is a promise and for the next 20 minutes Sean kept saying, "I'm so so so really very very sorry that I did that mom! I wont ever never ever do that again! I just thought it was a candy machine, but now I know it's not, so I know never ever to do that again!"

Moral of the story.... I don't think leashes for children is such a bad idea.


Opfar said...

AAAH! Ohmygosh! He'll definitely remember that one... as if you'll let him forget, right? haha. The things kids do!

Kat & Paul said...

I love this story! I'm glad you found our blog! Paul says hi! Kat & Paul