Thursday, November 8, 2007

Grabbing some ME-time

Mom's need ME-time... and here are some ways to get it....

1. Take an extra 5 minutes in the shower (make sure the door is locked!!)
2. Put the kids to bed early with Magnadoodle, crawl under a blanket and watch a chick-flick with popcorn and hot chocolate (ignore the mess around you!)
3. Put kids in the stroller and go for a walk while listening to a book, radio program or music on cd or ipod.
4. Go to the park or just outside and read a book while the kids play with sidewalk chalk or in the sandbox.
5. Blog
6. I took my most dreaded chore (dishes) and dubbed it "mommy time." The kids are not allowed to talk to me (unless important, of course) while I'm doing the dishes. I put on my headphones and get in the zone.
7. Hot bath with a book... always nice. (Shave everything... well not EVERYthing, pumice your feet, do a face mask and lotion up when you're done) Do it in the dark with candles, although if hubby is home, you may find that you're not alone anymore, so this could be dangerous. HINT: before you do this... make sure your teeth are brushed and you have clean sheets on the bed so you can just crawl in and fall asleep!
8. Get a friend to watch your kids while you go get your nails done, attend the temple or hit a movie. I know most of my friends realize the importance of getting some time away and are more than willing to help me out.
9. Go shopping! Online! I love to buy an new outfit or pair of shoes and then aniticipating it's arrival.

I'll add more if I think of any.... and please feel free to add to my list... I would LOVE some ideas!!!


Opfar said...

A couple of months ago I started taking an extra minute or two in the shower. I just stand there- turn the water as hot as I can handle to loosen everything up- breathe deeply, the whole works! At least until Ella's a little older, it's the only time I get alone! Even if she's screaming, I still do it! Do add to your list if you think of more... my brains are too fried right now to come up with my own!!

Ruthie said...

My daily favorite is to somehow get ALL three kids to nap at the same time and watch shows online like "Ugly Betty" or "Chuck." AND of course, eat ICE CREAM slowly without sharing!!!