Wednesday, November 14, 2007

an evening

yesterday evening
I was calmly doing motherly things (I honestly cant remember what)
Cooper and Sean, asleep in their beds (while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads)
Mason, all "jammied" up and ready to go to bed (while mommy plans in her mind what she will do with the upcoming free-time, probably get that book read!)
Cooper comes out of his room whining, "I just threw up" (while he starts coughing again)
Mom says, "run to the toilet, QUICK!" or the floor will soon be slick!
while mom is attending to barfing Coop, mason decides to go play in the puke!
Sean is awake now (are you read for more?), he exclaims, "mom, mason just puked on the floor!"
Cooper is still heaving over the toilet as I think, "oh great!" And what had Mason been drinking? But the juice of the grape!
With soiled sheets, smelly small ones and stubborn stains my evening was looking like a day to give up on....
But, then what to my wondering ears hear? But the beautiful back door sound of the arrival of my Dear!
HA HA HA, he's so glad that his class got out early so he could come.... to a house full of scents, sounds and utter bedlam!
PS. I love you all, but you may want to stay away from our house!


katieel said...

ha ha ha..great minds blog alike...
ugh..I hate when the kids are all sick at the same time....I hope they are all feeling better

Tinkerbell said...

hilarious!!! i laughed so hard when i read this and shared it with my sister Em. your misery made great entertainment for the rest of us, so thanks!