Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sean and the "Candy Machine"

I went to Costco today to return the "Aqua Dots" that Sean got for his birthday (that were recalled). Sean was in-tow so that he could pick a new present.... both of his birthday presents had to be returned, poor little guy! (Don't feel sorry for this little guy for too long) So as I'm talking to the Customer Service Rep., I hear the alarm sirens start blaring throughout Costco. Just then I look behind me to see Sean hanging on this.....

I say to the lady, "I think my son just set off your fire alarm, I'm so sorry!" They all thought it was quite funny. Even the guy that made the "false alarm" announcement over the loud speaker was trying not to laugh. But I didn't think it was very funny as Sean explains to everyone that he thought it was a "candy machine." I really wasn't in the mood to let the little stinker pick out a new toy... but a promise is a promise and for the next 20 minutes Sean kept saying, "I'm so so so really very very sorry that I did that mom! I wont ever never ever do that again! I just thought it was a candy machine, but now I know it's not, so I know never ever to do that again!"

Moral of the story.... I don't think leashes for children is such a bad idea.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The one about turkey

Thanksgiving day.... Shouldn't this post be about thankfullness and not food? Okay so lets do it!

1. Family and their love

2. Friends and their support

3. Knowledge (see Philippians 3:7-8)

4. Shelter and food

5. Freedom

Okay, so these are my top 5 thankfuls!

But THIS PIE.... was to die for!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Could it be?

.... glorious... real chocolate fudge for the woman watching her figure..... and only ONE measly little point!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

just one year ago......

Times marches on. And so do we. Here is to another yearing of growing up!

an evening

yesterday evening
I was calmly doing motherly things (I honestly cant remember what)
Cooper and Sean, asleep in their beds (while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads)
Mason, all "jammied" up and ready to go to bed (while mommy plans in her mind what she will do with the upcoming free-time, probably get that book read!)
Cooper comes out of his room whining, "I just threw up" (while he starts coughing again)
Mom says, "run to the toilet, QUICK!" or the floor will soon be slick!
while mom is attending to barfing Coop, mason decides to go play in the puke!
Sean is awake now (are you read for more?), he exclaims, "mom, mason just puked on the floor!"
Cooper is still heaving over the toilet as I think, "oh great!" And what had Mason been drinking? But the juice of the grape!
With soiled sheets, smelly small ones and stubborn stains my evening was looking like a day to give up on....
But, then what to my wondering ears hear? But the beautiful back door sound of the arrival of my Dear!
HA HA HA, he's so glad that his class got out early so he could come.... to a house full of scents, sounds and utter bedlam!
PS. I love you all, but you may want to stay away from our house!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

We've discovered....

Killer Bunnies... it's super-FUN!
If you're looking for a fun new game to try for game night, this is the one!
Or if you're already a fan and didn't share with me, shame on you! (My favorite carrot is Hikaru!)
Nick and I just got this and have played it a few times with friends and with eachother. It's totally hilarious, fun, and totally random things happen.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Grabbing some ME-time

Mom's need ME-time... and here are some ways to get it....

1. Take an extra 5 minutes in the shower (make sure the door is locked!!)
2. Put the kids to bed early with Magnadoodle, crawl under a blanket and watch a chick-flick with popcorn and hot chocolate (ignore the mess around you!)
3. Put kids in the stroller and go for a walk while listening to a book, radio program or music on cd or ipod.
4. Go to the park or just outside and read a book while the kids play with sidewalk chalk or in the sandbox.
5. Blog
6. I took my most dreaded chore (dishes) and dubbed it "mommy time." The kids are not allowed to talk to me (unless important, of course) while I'm doing the dishes. I put on my headphones and get in the zone.
7. Hot bath with a book... always nice. (Shave everything... well not EVERYthing, pumice your feet, do a face mask and lotion up when you're done) Do it in the dark with candles, although if hubby is home, you may find that you're not alone anymore, so this could be dangerous. HINT: before you do this... make sure your teeth are brushed and you have clean sheets on the bed so you can just crawl in and fall asleep!
8. Get a friend to watch your kids while you go get your nails done, attend the temple or hit a movie. I know most of my friends realize the importance of getting some time away and are more than willing to help me out.
9. Go shopping! Online! I love to buy an new outfit or pair of shoes and then aniticipating it's arrival.

I'll add more if I think of any.... and please feel free to add to my list... I would LOVE some ideas!!!


What else is there to blog about in our basic, ordinary life? And since my total failure of a week, I haven't been too motivated to tell everyone what we're up to! So here is an update:

Nick and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. We ate dinner at Training Table (with no kids), went home and played games (with no kids), slept in, (with no kids), made a yummy breakfast of Colossimus Sausages, eggs, pancakes and pineapple orange juice and ate it (with no kids). A relatively cheap, but relaxing way to spend some time together in our own home in our own bed. Thanks to Nick's mom for taking the rugrats!!

One positive thing that I have to report is that I have been a good girl on WW for the past 2 1/2 weeks strait (an absolute miracle for me, especially during Halloween!!!). Our mentor has been giving us different challenges every week and I'm happy to report that I've completed the last 3. I'm learning a lot about how my body reacts to exercise, dairy, sleep, lots of fruits and veggies... etc etc. Since sweets seems to be my downfall, I've limited my baking to once per week (Mondays of course for family night).

Last week I got my free iPod Nano!!! I did this deal with Key Bank where you get a free checking account and make a certain amount of deposits, etc, etc... and you get a free Nano!!! It didn't cost me one dime and I was so pleased to see that it was the new 3rd generation Nano!!! And I even got silver.... anyhow, that was one little positive in my week.

For dinner.... I had a leftover rotisserie chicken and tons of veggies in the fridge, so what else to do on a nice fall day? Chicken Noodle soup! AND I had sourdough starter in the fridge that needed to be used and replenished... so sourdough bread! I love sourdough!! I seriously could JUST eat that and be totally fine!



So how did I get from my lousy last week to what I made for dinner? I suppose its just a sum of how I feel right now. I believe that as a mother we switch in and out of "survival mode." We would go absolutely NUTS if we stayed in this mode always. We wouldn't progress, we would be stressed out and crazy. We would forget our worth, our potential, and ourselves. However, sometimes we switch "survival mode" on and just do the basics. Make sure the kids are clothed, fed and bathed. Make sure dinner is on the table and hubby is happy. Make sure house is clean and laundry is done. Once we feel this is under control (not perfect of course, but under control), we can relax a little, spend some time on ourselves, work towards being a better me, etc etc...
Last week, I was in "survival mode." I'm out now... I've actually showered and done my hair and makeup everyday this week. No more greasy ponytails for a while! I'm ready to tackel that new novel, I'm ready for more sincere prayer and scripture study, I'm ready to work harder on just being better!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bad Day #2

as i was leaving for Costco this morning, i passed the double jogger sitting by my back door, and thought.... i'll only be gone for a little bit, i'll put it away when i get home... but i didn't need to!!!! because some idiot without a job and any sense of morals stole my precious stroller... the stroller i use everyday to pick Cooper up from school.... the stroller i use to go walking .... the stroller i throw the kids in to go rollerblading. why do people have to be so dishonest? why do i slave away at a lame job everyday to buy things for dishonest people? i mean really!? i suppose in the end they'll get what's coming to them, but right now, that condolence isn't making me feel any better! and of course, it really is my fault for not putting it away in the first place.

at Costco, they informed me that my prescription is expired, so i cant replace my broken glasses (thank you again little Mason...) without a new eye exam (more $$$), i did that today... and i tried to eat lunch at Costco with all my little ones in tow.... that was NOT good for my moral today!

did i mention that we're poor? did i mention that both of my grandma's are sick and in the hospital? did i mention that i broke something that i borrowed from a friend? did i mention that i just found out that our new medical insurance doesn't cover preventative care (okay, how lame is that?!!? this means that the kids yearly exams are not covered)??

if anyone would like to contribute to emily's pity party... please feel free! i'm sure i'll be over it in the morning, when, if i'm hit by something else distrubing, i'm going back to bed!