Monday, October 8, 2007

A Spiritual Beating?

We had the opportunity to attend conference at the conference center yesterday. Upon arrival, one of the ushers asked us if we would like to sit down in front. "Of course," I said. So, we had great seats in THIS massive place. I'm always moved by the reverence of this meeting. I love to watch it from my home on our own TV and allow that wonderful Spirit to come in. But, it's always nice to go in person. What an honor it was to sing, "We thank thee, oh God for a Prophet" directly to our beloved prophet! I could hardly get the words out as I looked into his face as the tens of thousands of us sung.
I enjoy conference time. I feel as if most conferences leave me feeling a bit guilty for not trying harder. But, this time, I felt uplifted. I felt as if the Lord was trying to tell me to LOVE more, to BE there more (for others), and to just do the basics.
Some of my epiphanies were.....
-The Lord uses the weak things of the world to do His work. That's ME!!
-Promises of the riches of the eternities and eternal families. Focus on what's important!
-Sins are forgiven when they're FORSAKEN. Don't do the same dumb things over and over!!
-Enduring to the end through.... personal discipline, sacrifice, hard work, trust in God, wise choices, selflessness, integrity. Make home a strong place of defense and refuge against worldly evils. Jesus Christ WANTS us to succeed. It's not going to be easy... I need to remember that! I know that I wont regret pushing forward in faith.
-In order to appreciate death, we must first understand the purpose of life. Live every day as if it was your last... take TIME for family and hugs.
-Love is a characteristic of Deity, LOVE that lasts forever is FORGIVING. Even if we give up on ourselves, HE never will. LOVE seemed to be an ever present them in this session of conference. I vow to LOVE more... everyone!
-Christ's submission to the Father is a perfect example of a broken heart and contrite spirit. When our hearts are broken we are open and realize our dependency on God. I will strive more to remember what Christ did for me personally. Remembering this will help my heart to be broken, allowing humility and opportunities for growth.
-Do not hinder, disregard or quench the Spirit in our lives. The adversary wishes to dull our sensitivity to the promptings of the Spirit. Dedicate myself to more fervent scripture study and prayer.
-We have chosen as members of the church, NOT to be ordinary. We are the cause of our own shortcomings.
-We cannot endure on borrowed light and we are the witness to our own life. It's who I am when NO ONE is looking that is my defining character.
-The importance of one-on-one time with children. Fill time with less business and more time together. I need to take more time with my kids individually.
-"What your children really want for dinner is YOU!" Dinner together as a family. We probably do this 4-5 times a week, but it needs to be everyday!

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