Sunday, September 2, 2007

What is it about Sundays?

Fast Sundays especially? From the moment that someone mentioned "Salmon Sandwiches" in some cheesy story told in Relief Society, I couldn't stop thinking about what I would make when I got home from church! I sit in Sacrament meeting thinking, "hmmmm, pizza would take about an hour," or "spaghetti is fast, but I would have to make Parmesan bread to go with it and that takes a long time" etc etc etc.... So, eventually I settled to make a quick dinner, but spend plenty of time on dessert! I know that we're advised to not make elaborate meals on Sundays.... but in following the spirit of the law when it comes to keeping the sabbath day holy, I feel relaxed when I'm in the kitchen. Creating things that make my home smell inviting and seeing my family's smiles is therapeutic for me.

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