Sunday, September 2, 2007

Buzzzzzz day

Before (3 little boys needing haircuts)

During (don't worry, they didn't leave the house like this!!!!)

After (ahhhh My nice little church boys)

Today, Sean gave a talk in Primary, Cooper gave the prayer and a scripture (Cooper's favorite scripture is where Samuel the Lamanite is on the wall and people are shooting arrows at him, but because he was a prophet of God, he wasn't hit,). Mommy played the piano horribly in Relief Society (I practiced my brains out and could play the hymns well, that's until the nerves set in and my fingers fumbled all over the place, not to mention, I forgot my glasses)...Daddy made sure the program was copied in time to hand out before church... and he hung out in the halls with Mason... today was Mason's very LAST Sunday putting us out.... he starts nursery next week!!!!

We are home now on this quiet Sunday afternoon. We are ready for NAPS, ready for Mason to go to nursery, ready for another week and ready for the world and all it's challenges.

::tangent:: And mommy is anticipating the onslaught of fall.

the leaves

the colors

the crispness in the air

the apples and vegetables

the excuses to make soup and bread and cookies.... and anything that will warm our kitchen

the goblins, pumpkins, and time for make-believe (not that we don't like our real world, but being Batman or Spiderman for a few hours definitely has it's perks, ask any little boy)

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Tinkerbell said...

i saw this the other day when you posted and didnt have time to make a comment....FREAKIN' AWESOME!! you should have left it that way