Wednesday, September 5, 2007

As the rains poured down and the sun came up.....

We headed for my Cooper's first day of Kindergarten. All was well, until I stood in the corner of the classroom seeing my oldest, comfortable at his desk, making friends, and ready to embrace learning.
A lump formed in my throat, I turned through the door and into the rain.


Brooke said...

why is sending the lovies back to school so very difficult?

i feel for you, sister.

Tinkerbell said...

i'm just tripping out about how many of my friends have kids in school. where have the years gone?

katieel said...

Zachary will be going to preschool HOPEFULLY next month...dang waiting lists...They grow up too fast. Your kids are so cute. I've missed chatting with you these past years. I hope we can keep in touch..Here's a fun flashback from girls camp...permanent marker tattoos of: keanu reeves, Kelly slater, Rob Lay..Rob ha ha


Katie El Alami (the other Morgan)