Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm taking a bath too MOM!!!

Not like I had a choice on this one!!! Mason thinks that if ANYONE is in the bath, he gets to join in....
Regardless of clothing or not!
This is why we keep the door closed!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Nick's Exciting News (my new AK-47)

Here is my new AK-47 chambered in the 7.62mm x 39mm. Can you tell that I am just a little excited?
Well we went to Papa's farm to do a little shooting among other things, and it started to snow. Like that was going to stop us from shooting my AK-47 for the first time. It was actually really neat to shoot it in the snow.

Here is a little video of me shooting at the wood pile, next time we will get some good targets up.

Here is my friend shooting my new AK-47 in the snow. He is Danish so the cold and snow don't slow him down one bit (but forgetting the safety was on did).

What the Hail!?!?!

We went to the farm with Nick's friend from school (and his 3 sons) and some friends from Japan. We had a fun day of four-wheeling, shooting, horseback riding, etc planned.... But alas, it totally RAINED.....

And then it HAILED.....

And then....

But it didn't stop us from having fun! We rode four wheelers... watched some elk be inseminated (don't ask!)... shot some guns... saw horses, cows and other animals... and most of all, tried to keep warm and dry.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Fire Station #8

We toured Fire Station Number eight with friends and family.... Sean had the most fun of all. He asked a million questions and even told the EMTs that they drive "dead people" around (I just kinda looked away like, "don't look at me, he's not my kid"). All of the kids had so much fun! We were almost finished with our tour, when they got a call and they had to leave the building with their sirens wailing! Such an exciting day for my three guys. Nick also had an exciting day, but you'll have to ask him about it!

Couldn't resist

For those of you who wonder what a day in the life of being a mom is like...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

a tuesday take III

Cooper missed his first day of school.... of course it was a field trip day that he's been looking forward to for weeks. But,

fever + puke = no school

He's going back tomorrow. It was wierd doing a weekday with all the kids home... busy and crazy!
I sewed this nightgown... don't ask me why... I think I found myself in a time warp at the fabric store the other day.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Rainy Temple Day

We TRY to make it to the temple at least once a month. We drive to Bountiful, where our good friends live, and they watch our boys.... THANK YOU to the Fullers! The boys would rather spend the day at their house than go anywhere else.
We drove up today in the glorious rain. It was a wonderful session! I never want to leave the peaceful serenity of this building!
I love how attending the temple with my sweetheart helps put life back in perspective. It seems that days or even hours can lead us away from the things that are important.

**photo courtesy of Cooper**

The Old Black Witch and Blueberry Pancakes

a favorite halloween book about a witch and her "magic" blueberry pancakes


a recipe on the back of the book


3 hungry boys


a fun morning of making and eating some dang tasty blueberry pancakes

Thursday, September 20, 2007

All DONE!!!!!

Mason's quilt is DONE!! It's not the greatest, but hey, it was cheap to make!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm totally addicted....

So Nick works nights... kids go to sleep at 7pm... I clean clean clean and sometimes finish up working... then, I'm always faced with 2-3 glorious hours of "me time." Alone with a clean house and my choice of numerous projects (currently Mason's quilt which is chugging along).

Anyhow, I've been getting "Gilmore Girls at the public library... all the seasons ... and watching them. I know I'm a total sap for sentimentality. It's a perfect girl-time show to watch, right up there with Steel Magnolias.
Doing this is making me lonely for a daughter! I love my boys to death, I mean, I've always wanted lots of boys. However, I think just one little girl wouldn't hurt the pot? Someone to go to chick-flicks with, make dresses for, and talk about boys with could be nothing but healthy for this mom who's starved for femine companionship. I have lots of girlfriends, but I don't have a sister or a daughter! Come on! It's high time I put in a request for one. I'm currently reading this book so when the time comes to have another, we'll see what the success is.
PS I need a haircut!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


just one of those weeks when everything doesn't go quite as planned ... with Saturday to sum it all up ... all we really care to be is lazy ... to recoup ... to catch up on sleep ... seeking comfort food ...

playing with each other ... cuddling with each other ... being together as a family ...
i love the down time with one another

(although, Mason has managed to draw all over himself with a highlighter, pull out a library tape and totally destroy it, knock down the DVDs several times, throw pancakes and cupcakes all over the kitchen, poop up his back, hit his brother with a yard stick.... that's all I can think of right now....)

anyone want an 18-month old?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

One Nation, Under God

on that day, we were all friends

on that day, there were no lines of division


acknowledging God

how quickly we forget

but today,

I vow to remember

I fly our flag high

I will never forget

I will continue to do my part

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

As the rains poured down and the sun came up.....

We headed for my Cooper's first day of Kindergarten. All was well, until I stood in the corner of the classroom seeing my oldest, comfortable at his desk, making friends, and ready to embrace learning.
A lump formed in my throat, I turned through the door and into the rain.

Monday, September 3, 2007

"Labor"ing with Dad (and mom)

This is what boys love to do.....


Build forts....

Lay in their new domain with Dad....

Eat sandwiches and drink chocolate milk in their new habitat....

Meanwhile, back at home.

Mommy did piles of this....

Baked this.....

Sewed this.....

Watched this....

all while putting up with this.....

Sunday, September 2, 2007

What is it about Sundays?

Fast Sundays especially? From the moment that someone mentioned "Salmon Sandwiches" in some cheesy story told in Relief Society, I couldn't stop thinking about what I would make when I got home from church! I sit in Sacrament meeting thinking, "hmmmm, pizza would take about an hour," or "spaghetti is fast, but I would have to make Parmesan bread to go with it and that takes a long time" etc etc etc.... So, eventually I settled to make a quick dinner, but spend plenty of time on dessert! I know that we're advised to not make elaborate meals on Sundays.... but in following the spirit of the law when it comes to keeping the sabbath day holy, I feel relaxed when I'm in the kitchen. Creating things that make my home smell inviting and seeing my family's smiles is therapeutic for me.

Buzzzzzz day

Before (3 little boys needing haircuts)

During (don't worry, they didn't leave the house like this!!!!)

After (ahhhh My nice little church boys)

Today, Sean gave a talk in Primary, Cooper gave the prayer and a scripture (Cooper's favorite scripture is where Samuel the Lamanite is on the wall and people are shooting arrows at him, but because he was a prophet of God, he wasn't hit,). Mommy played the piano horribly in Relief Society (I practiced my brains out and could play the hymns well, that's until the nerves set in and my fingers fumbled all over the place, not to mention, I forgot my glasses)...Daddy made sure the program was copied in time to hand out before church... and he hung out in the halls with Mason... today was Mason's very LAST Sunday putting us out.... he starts nursery next week!!!!

We are home now on this quiet Sunday afternoon. We are ready for NAPS, ready for Mason to go to nursery, ready for another week and ready for the world and all it's challenges.

::tangent:: And mommy is anticipating the onslaught of fall.

the leaves

the colors

the crispness in the air

the apples and vegetables

the excuses to make soup and bread and cookies.... and anything that will warm our kitchen

the goblins, pumpkins, and time for make-believe (not that we don't like our real world, but being Batman or Spiderman for a few hours definitely has it's perks, ask any little boy)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Coming along

stay tuned... who knows WHEN I'll be finished, but hopefully SOON!!