Thursday, August 16, 2007

no more tomatoes!!!!

Nick's dear grandma brought me a bunch of tomatoes today for me to can. The box of overripe tomatoes was placed on the kitchen table. Heaven forbid that mom has to go to the bathroom... I'm still not feeling well and went to use the bathroom. Meanwhile.....
Oh, can you even guess????
My dear little Mason decided that they would make good basketballs for his little basketball hoop... which is conveniently located across the living room floor in the corner.
I found smashed tomatoes EVERYWHERE... I mean, how much damage can a 1 year old do in less than 5 minutes? I would have taken pictures if I hadn't been so eager to get that red out of the carpet and off the walls.
So, my dear Mason, THANK YOU for making your sick mommy spend an hour shampooing the carpets!
Okay, I'm done... I promise that in the next few days my blog will once more become a happy place. Did I mention that Nick is now showing signs of our friendly flu?

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