Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Lunch....

Oh man it was GOOD!!!! (BLT on toasted parmesan bread) The tomato and squash from my own garden.... Really, I think this was the BEST lunch I've had in a LONG time.... YUM, I wanted another, but I was so full!

This is what Cooper looks like these days.... he wants to play my Nintendo DS always!!! He's asking incessantly. I've limited him, but now he is saving to buy his own. He has a little jar that he keeps his "DS money" in and is always asking for ways to make money. On the day I canned tomatoes I paid him 3 dollars to peel tomatoes for me. I think he has about 5 dollars saved up so far. At this rate, he'll have a DS by the time he's my age.... it's fair, isn't it?

A package came in the mail for me today...... Oh I cant wait to crack this baby open and spend several hours buried in the Bella-Edward saga..... I may not blog for a few days once I get started.

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