Wednesday, August 15, 2007


so i haven't posted anything in almost TWO weeks.... i'm a horrible blogger!

anyway, Sean and I have had the stomach flu this week. Monday night HAD to be one of the worst nights of my life thus far. as I sat on the toilet with a bucket between my knees, Mason was screaming (non-stop) and Sean was keeping him awake with his whining and complaining... Nick was working and lovely Cooper slept through it all.... for 4 hours!!!!!!! I finally fell asleep (in the bathtub) and that's how my darling husband found me....

I just have to give HIM (my hubby) a huge cyberhug and mucho thankyous for taking care of us for a few days! There aren't many husbands who would take care of their sick wife and child, while dealing with 2 healthy ones (for those with young children, you know that they're more work than the sick ones!)... all the whining and complaining, not to mention the bathroom flooded with Sean's puke (he missed the toilet).... he cleaned it all without a complaint... I LOVE this man! I was seriously useless.... and I'm actually still a little tipsy, but hopefully I'll be able to clean up this place tomorrow and get life back up and running again.

One happy aspect to my illness... the house was nearly SPOTLESS and all the laundry washed, completely folded and put away just hours before my illness set in. One of the first thoughts that came into my head when I began throwing up was, no kidding, "at least the house is clean."

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