Thursday, August 30, 2007

Biting off more than I can chew

This sentence should be my personal motto... I take on too much, then I burn out and need to "reboot." Definition of reboot is to cut everything off and start from scratch... Usually consists of doing absolutely nothing for a week but sleep in, watch movies with the kids all day and hibernate.... Hibernation weather is coming soon! I can't wait for the fall colors to present.

Today was one of those reminder days that I like to bite off more than I can handle. I started the day by taking my 3 rambunctious boys to the fabric store. I know you read that sentence and thought, "WHAT are you THINKING? YOU MUST have a death wish!" Anyway, I survived and more importantly, so did they! Now WHY did I have to go do that today? wellll.....

Mason is about to move to a twin bed.... which means he needs some bedding... My mom gave me some cute fabric, so I decided to make a patchwork quilt for the topside and use the other fabric for the backing. I spent a few hours cutting out the pieces....

And a few more hours sewing the pieces... I got 10 out of 35 complete without any major hang-ups.

This used up a good portion of my day. Although I was able to make it to my book club tonight (thanks to my mom-in-law, the babysitter).

Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm happy when you feed me

Mason.... Oh sweet little ham of a kid... he's happy when he's eating, or right after he eats....

And you thought Oscar was grouchy? beware of the unfed Mason-Baby!!!

Anyway, Mason has also discovered cameras and what they're all about. He now poses for pictures while squeezing a "chis" (aka cheese) through his hammy little grin.

He still ransacks the house at any given opportunity and is constantly demanding something.

His current obsession is Thomas... the show, the trains.... everything. He loves his "choo-choos!!!"

Fried Green Somethins'

It seemed appropriate for a boring summer day....

As I glared out my living room window this morning, I was saddened for all the green tomatoes on the vine that are about to ripen.... I know that once the sun begins to redden their skin.... my little WORM FRIENDS will show up and EAT MY YUMMY tomatoes....

So what did I do? I beat them to the punch!!!!

So for our afternoon snack.... we munched on fried green tomatoes. They were YUMMY... I must say.... But I think most of all.... Mom is pleased that those FREAKING WORMS didn't get a chance at these beauties!

Maybe I should hunt them down and fry their little wormy behinds!!! Cooper would love that!

He starts Kindergarten next week..... the soccer mom days are about to present themselves...

Wrestle Momia

I back from my reading marathon.... I've finished Eclipse and cant wait for the next book to grace my presence. Is it at all healthy to be sucked in and so engrossed in a book that you neglect everything around you? Something tells me that I shouldn't let it get to that point.... but then again.... What the heck?! It's not like I do it that often, right? It's one of my guilty pleasures.

A house full of boys... including our very own "bat baby" (who is totally obsessed with the garbage lately).

We must take advantage of daddy while we have him. His schedule is so crazy this semester, the only times we'll see him is when he's home to sleep. With a full load of classes and 2 jobs.... CRAZINESS! Keep him in your prayers.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Lunch....

Oh man it was GOOD!!!! (BLT on toasted parmesan bread) The tomato and squash from my own garden.... Really, I think this was the BEST lunch I've had in a LONG time.... YUM, I wanted another, but I was so full!

This is what Cooper looks like these days.... he wants to play my Nintendo DS always!!! He's asking incessantly. I've limited him, but now he is saving to buy his own. He has a little jar that he keeps his "DS money" in and is always asking for ways to make money. On the day I canned tomatoes I paid him 3 dollars to peel tomatoes for me. I think he has about 5 dollars saved up so far. At this rate, he'll have a DS by the time he's my age.... it's fair, isn't it?

A package came in the mail for me today...... Oh I cant wait to crack this baby open and spend several hours buried in the Bella-Edward saga..... I may not blog for a few days once I get started.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

August 22nd....

I thought that I ought to catch up since, I've just been so out of it.... I jumped the gun a bit on dragging out the Halloween decor... I stopped myself in the middle saying "Emily, it's too early, give it at least another 2 weeks!" Although, these lovely things managed to make their way to my stove top....

Today was the last day for free lunches at the park. I rollerbladed (is that a word?) over with Mason in the jogger and Cooper and Sean on bikes. I'm so sad that once again I'll have to budget for my kids' lunches....

The boys and I went and saw "Evan Almighty" at the dollar theater. I made strawberry candied popcorn for the venture... we had fun. The boys came home and slept.

Today..... I made spaghetti in the crock pot with home-grown tomatoes and squash. I also made Parmesan garlic french bread to go with it.... YUM!

So, as you can see, our lives are still the same hum-drum as always. We have been busy recuperating from illness, entertaining my mother as well as just enjoying our last few days of summer.
Nick started school again this week. He is going to be VERY busy. With 2 jobs and a full load of classes, we wont be seeing much of him. He's doing well at his job and he was just approached about a supervisor position (we're still tossing that idea around). I'm still working... how DO I manage to fit that in? We are still quite poor, but very happy.... and with that, I vow to update my blog regularly once again.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

no more tomatoes!!!!

Nick's dear grandma brought me a bunch of tomatoes today for me to can. The box of overripe tomatoes was placed on the kitchen table. Heaven forbid that mom has to go to the bathroom... I'm still not feeling well and went to use the bathroom. Meanwhile.....
Oh, can you even guess????
My dear little Mason decided that they would make good basketballs for his little basketball hoop... which is conveniently located across the living room floor in the corner.
I found smashed tomatoes EVERYWHERE... I mean, how much damage can a 1 year old do in less than 5 minutes? I would have taken pictures if I hadn't been so eager to get that red out of the carpet and off the walls.
So, my dear Mason, THANK YOU for making your sick mommy spend an hour shampooing the carpets!
Okay, I'm done... I promise that in the next few days my blog will once more become a happy place. Did I mention that Nick is now showing signs of our friendly flu?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


so i haven't posted anything in almost TWO weeks.... i'm a horrible blogger!

anyway, Sean and I have had the stomach flu this week. Monday night HAD to be one of the worst nights of my life thus far. as I sat on the toilet with a bucket between my knees, Mason was screaming (non-stop) and Sean was keeping him awake with his whining and complaining... Nick was working and lovely Cooper slept through it all.... for 4 hours!!!!!!! I finally fell asleep (in the bathtub) and that's how my darling husband found me....

I just have to give HIM (my hubby) a huge cyberhug and mucho thankyous for taking care of us for a few days! There aren't many husbands who would take care of their sick wife and child, while dealing with 2 healthy ones (for those with young children, you know that they're more work than the sick ones!)... all the whining and complaining, not to mention the bathroom flooded with Sean's puke (he missed the toilet).... he cleaned it all without a complaint... I LOVE this man! I was seriously useless.... and I'm actually still a little tipsy, but hopefully I'll be able to clean up this place tomorrow and get life back up and running again.

One happy aspect to my illness... the house was nearly SPOTLESS and all the laundry washed, completely folded and put away just hours before my illness set in. One of the first thoughts that came into my head when I began throwing up was, no kidding, "at least the house is clean."

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Guess who?

Mason watching Wonder Pets

Here are my older brothers (YEARS ago of course). I recently pulled up this photo and so shocked when I saw Scott!!! Holy cow, it could be my little Mason! What do you think?

Scott & Dan (before I was even a thought)