Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pioneer Day

all that I can say about today is CRAZY and TIRED

This brainy idea came into my head that I would sell stuff outside our house since we live on a busy corner and a VERY BUSY SPOT for the Pioneer day celebration. There is a parade in the morning, followed by an all-day fair and ending with nighttime fireworks.

We sold soda pop, water and candied popcorn (and our parking spots). We made about $140. Not too bad for sitting outside all day with friends.... chatting away and BBQing.

the kids played with their neighbor friends all day long... swimming and coming up with all sorts of make believe

during fireworks, I held Mason on my lap while I continued to sell stuff with one free hand. (Nick had to go to work) Then Sean came over and laid his head in my lap while standing next to me. He also fell asleep and it grew difficult to take care of "customers" Here are BAD picture of the fireworks.... but hey, they're taken right from our front yard... NOT too shabby. They set them off just across the street

Business was good, kids were tired. Luckily, my kind neighbors helped me bring sleeping kids/stuff in the house.

I traded some glow necklaces for a Mountain Dew. I traded a clown some water for balloon light sabers for my kids. I traded this cute necklace for a pop and popcorn.

Happy Pioneer Day!! (a Utah state holiday for the non-Utards!)

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Brooke said...

that's awesome! good for you!