Tuesday, July 3, 2007

mommy work vs. missionary work

So, lately as I've crashed in bed at night... completely exhausted from the day's excursions, I've been pondering the last time I felt this way... I was a missionary... (here I am in all my missionary glory)

Anyway... So I've been thinking, what ARE the similarities??

#1 Both teach the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ by word and example

#2 Both work their hardest from sun-up to sun-down, with no real breaks

#3 Both worry about those who are close (those you're teaching)

#4 Both pray constantly so you don't mess up

#5 Both are a constant witness of growth and miracles

#6 Sometimes moms and missionaries may be the only "standard work" that someone is reading... Both must at all times be an example

The differences:

#1 Moms don't get a P-day

#2 Missionaries don't get woken up at all hours of the night

#3 Missionaries get to sit down when they eat

#4 Missionaries don't usually have money worries

#5 Motherhood lasts a heck-of-a-lot longer than a few years

#6 There is no Mommy Training Center

#7 Household chores are multiplied by # of family members... in my case this would mean (laundry x5, cooking for 5, cleaning up after 5, etc etc etc)

#8 Moms have to "watch what they eat" and "work-out" to get ride of "baby fat" - this is a constant worry

#9 Moms only get others to serve them dinner when they have a baby.... see #8

What is the moral to this post?


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