Tuesday, July 10, 2007


The past week has been kinda grouchy for me.

I wont go into details, but I'm a little frazzled by all the demands. Nick and I are the ward activities directors (with no committee), and we also do the ward bulletin every Sunday. This past weekend was our annual "ward camp out." It was fun and we had a great turn out, but it's SOOO MUCH WORK. There is actually a neat story to go along with all the happenings of the day, which I may or may not go into later. Well, after feeling a bit overwhelmed from the weekend, the bishopric shows up at my house on Sunday afternoon to give me ANOTHER calling. So I'm thinking that they're going to take me off one or both of my other callings, but I guess not!? So now I'm the Relief Society pianist too. Which for any normal piano player, this is no big deal.... but for me, a self-taught fumbling beginner, this is major. I'm going to have to practice during the week at least 3 hours..... anyway, I shouldn't really complain, I mean, I've been praying for opportunities to expand my talents. Just a lesson to be careful what you pray for. I'm actually glad to get this, but is it wrong to want to be released from my other obligations?

There has also been some money worries this week. I spent the day yesterday taking stuff back to stores that I didn't REALLY need. Like a new shower curtain and some wire cutters.... Overall, I took back about $100 worth of stuff. I also cancelled Sean's swim lessons. He hardly pays attention anyway, so why spend $30, right?

We've also had some car issues this week. Not to mention the body ache of a nasty cold creeping up... haven't been able to work out (probably gained a few pounds).

Well, after crunching some more numbers this weekend (and talking to girlfriends) I figure that it's cheaper to make my own bread. So I ventured to make a basic white bread today. I'm not sure if it will be cheaper since we ate half the loaf hot out of the oven. But we'll try it for a few months and see if we can cut down our grocery bill.

We've also been heading over to the park everyday for "free lunches." The Salt Lake School District lunch program provides free meals for kids who's family can't really afford to feed them... It's so great, a little ghetto, but great nonetheless to have the 3 boys eat free lunch Mon-Fri.

And it's been SO HOT! I don't think that it's reached below ninety in weeks. Man, gotta love this Utah heat (sense the sarcasm there?).

So, I'm done complaining.... next post will be more upbeat.... I promise.

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Anonymous said...

you know you only have to do half a batch or so for a loaf of cheap bread. ;) you know who this is i'm sure. the fresh bread looks yummy though!