Wednesday, June 20, 2007

busy busy days

Today was one of those busiest of days..... and this is my first blog with our new cable internet. It's fast!

Awake: 8:15 AM

Eat and dressed by 8:45 AM

Swim Lessons: 9:00 AM

Swim Lessons over at 10:30 AM

Grocery Store (out of milk): 10:45 AM

Home to drop of groceries... leave kids in the car: 11:25 AM

Visiting Teaching: 11:30 AM

Done Visiting Teaching: 12:45 PM

Rush home to meet cable guy coming at 1:00 PM (mad rush to give the house a once-over and what do you know, he was ON TIME!!!???)

While cable guy is here mom makes a Pavlova..... and does about 4 loads of laundry.

Cable guy is done!! Pavlova is in the oven (first one got burnt, had to make another, my oven bakes too hot!!! ARGH!): 3:08 PM

Mom scampers to get ready and leaves the house while shoving food in her mouth: 4:00 PM

Makes into the temple chapel, dressed, by 4:30 PM

Out of temple: 7:38 PM

Arrives home: 7:53 PM

Finish Pavlova and eat with a smile :) 8:10 PM

Take picture of Sean eating and blog: 8:30 PM

Get kids to bed: 8:45 PM

Work: 9:00-9:45 PM

Excercise: 9:50-10:30 PM

and while I was working out.... I THOUGHT that Mason was watching Elmo in our bedroom (he hasn't been feeling well, so he gets special treatment) But when I was done I came in to find.... THIS

To bed..... 11:30 PM

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