Thursday, May 10, 2007

What a Day!!!??

We went to Natural Bridges beach yesterday (My mom, myself, Cooper, Sean, Mason and Ben). Mom stayed on the sandy beach with Mason while I took the 3 older boys to the tide pools. The tide was extremely low, so we were able to see some cool stuff. One the way back... I slipped on a rock and re-injured my tailbone.... OHHHHH the pain!!!

We stayed at the beach while the kids played in the sand for about an hour, while I lay in the sun getting burnt. I couldn't really move, but didn't want to disturb the kids play-time. They've been looking forward to going to the beach for a long time, and I couldn't take that from them.

We left and went to the Gizdich Ranch and bought an olollieberry pie, some fresh apple juice, fresh strawberries and some apple slushies for the boys.... YUM.

We then stopped at a drug store to get me a donut pillow for my butt. The ride home was painful and I collapsed on the couch upon arrival. Why does injuring the tail bone have to hurt so bad???

The day was pretty uneventful. I began to feel better after a massive dose of Ibuprofen and we took the boys to Costco.

That evening while getting boys to bed. Mason decided to touch a hot lamp. He burned up his fingers pretty bad. He has about four big blisters on the inside of his right hand. He screamed for almost 2 hours. I finally had to rest my back and went to lay down telling my mom to bring him to me when she wanted to go to bed. I said a fervent prayer to Heavenly Father to bless Mason that his pain would be abated so that he could at least sleep tonight. Before I even said "amen" I heard his cries stop and I never heard him cry until the next morning when he played happily. Boy am I a thankful mommy today!!

Today... May 10th is a "down day" for us!!! We all got a little sun burnt and worn out from yesterday's excursions.

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