Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hangin' with Rach

I left the kids with my mom and headed north to Rachel's turf. I drove up late Friday night in the dark. I saw many deer and one mountain lion on the road.

Saturday morning we went on this nature hike with some locals. We learned about the medicinal values of the native plants. When my tail bone would take no more, we headed to Shelter Cove and ate some tasty fish and chips. We then headed to some ladies house that Rach is thinking of renting. We both took naps and kicked it in her hot tub. We walked along Blacks beach and then headed back to Garberville.

Sunday we went to church and just hung out. It was fun to hang with Rachel and see the BEAUTIFUL place where she lives. I thoroughly enjoyed my drive home. I tried to catch my drive home on camera, but these photos are horrid. But I figure, they will help me to remember my highly-enjoyable drive. I so much miss these verdant hills that plague the California Coast.


Brooke said...

ooh, i was just looking at all of these, miss good old san jose and thinking of rachel when i saw this! looks like you guys had a blast!

Tinkerbell said...

i'm so glad you came up to my place!! you could have done w/o that picture of me though...yikes. i thought you'd at least mention a little something about all the liberal pot-growin' hippies here....way to keep it p.c. i love the pics you took of your drive home....they are so pretty even if they are taken from the windsheild. love ya!

Emily said...

What I SHOULD have commented on what how absolutely GORGEOUS Charlie's parents house is... I seriously cant stop wondering if I will ever live in a dream world like that.

It was so beautiful there, I can see why you love it Rach.

Tinkerbell said...

yes, i LOVE chuck's parents place. i had dinner again there last night...bbq...mmmm, good! plus they are just so cool!!