Sunday, May 27, 2007

BBQ with family

I had the opportunity to see my mom's family. It was a fun time being around all the people I grew up with but dont really get to see very often. Here is one attempted picture with all the greatgrandkids.... look at all those boys!!!
My cousin David (the 6'8" one) showed up with his Police car and in uniform. The boys were in heaven and David even let them sit in his police car (well, it's not actually a car because David doesn't fit in a normal size car... so he has the special Tahoe).
"Hey mom, can I drive this home???"

This is a spit guard that they put on people they arrest so that they cant spit on the Policemen. The boys thought that was "pretty cool."

Me, my mom, and my grandma with the boys...

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Tinkerbell said...

boyz....boyz...boyz...awesome!!! i love it!!