Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Rocks

This is the Rocks.... It's a family tradition in Nick's family to go camping on Easter weekend on this pile of rock in the middle of the Utah desert (just south of Delta, UT). The spot is actually used by sheep herders. This year the weather was exceptionally beautiful. We actually stayed in a hotel in Delta last night. But there was a mix up and long-story-short we had to stay in a smoking room. Oh man, this STUNK, literally! We did not sleep very well... actually not at all. Mason decided that he didn't like the hotel room either and would scream murder every time we'd try to put him down. But we had fun.... here are some pictures from our day at the rocks..... click on the pictures to see a larger version :)

We arrived VERY early. We figured that we couldn't sleep at the hotel, so we may as well head out. The whole camp was still asleep upon our arrival, so we went on a little family hike as the sun came up over the mountains.

There are many small crevices to hide in... but you must watch out, because the rattlesnakes like to hide in these too. Nick actually caught and killed a rattlesnake. It's currently in our refrigerator....lovely....

There are also caves to explore....

and cousins to play with....

And then... there's the Easter candy hunt, the Easter Bunny comes and hides candy in all the rocks.... what more fun could a kid have? Candy, rocks, dirt and cousins!!!

We also rode 4-wheelers and dirt bikes, shot guns, talked, played in the dirt, destroyed ant hills, blew bubbles, ate candy and so on..... The boys liked playing with Duke... a very good dog... and Sean loves "Jakie Boy" a cousin of Nick's whom all the kids adore!

And Sean found a scorpion. He came up to me and said, "Mom, I found a nice scorpion, I'm going to go play with him some more." I followed him to where he was playing and found the "friend."

Here is Mason with his Great Grandma, giving me attitude. He's VERY good at it!

Sean got very dirty. Actually we all did, it was quite dusty. And here is "Papa" all the kids favorite grandpa (technically he's great grandpa, Nick's grandpa).

Climbing the "Easter Egg" rock.

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