Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Sweet Coop and the Wishbone

As traditions go, whenever we cook a turkey, I remove the wishbone, clean it and set it out to dry. The wishbone from last Sunday's turkey dinner was dry and ready. So I called the boys into the kitchen yelling, "who wants to make a wish?!"
They both came running with excitement. Before I handed them the wishbone, I reminded them of the rules, "make a wish in your head, but don't tell it, or it wont come true, and when the bone breaks, whoever has the middle, his wish will come true!"
They closed their little eyes with excitement made their wishes. They each gingerly held one side and ::snap:: there was the break. Sean had won!! I said, "you won Sean, now your wish will come true!!"
He replied, "mom, I wished that your flower wouldn't die, are you so happy?!!"
I patted his head and said, "thanks, Sean." He padded away.
Then I saw Cooper. His little eyes were cast downward from the sorrow of losing. He looked like he was about to burst into tears. I began a little speech about how we need to be happy for the winners, especially if they're our brother! With bowed head, he muttered through his quivering mouth, "mom, I just really wanted my wish to come true, can I tell you it?"
"Sure," I said.
"I wished that Jesus would come back to our planet soon," he stated simply.
As my eyes teared up, I gave him a hug and assured him that it would happen someday. I realized once again, what a special boy I have and renewed my appreciation for the spirit he brings to our family.

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