Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Sunday

Today was a wonderful Easter Sunday. The talks and music in church were inspiring. It seems to me that mere words cannot do the Resurrection and Atonement justice. What Jesus Christ did for us had to be the most important event that has ever happened on this planet. And for those of us who not only believe in Him, but believe Him when he said that He'll come again, Easter is truly the holiday that should be most celebrated. In a talk in church today a sister said that in Bulgaria during the Easter season, instead of saying their normal hellos, they say, "Christ is Risen!" and the other person responds, "Indeed, He is Risen!." I must admit that I was envious of these people upon hearing this. Our country was founded upon the fundamental principles of Christianity. How far we've deviated from the course that our founding fathers put us on! I know that there is nothing personally that I can do for my Savior to pay him back for suffering for our sins and breaking the bonds of death, but I can certainly study Him and try to eminate His life in all that I do, say, and think. Tonight, I watched, "The Nativity Story." For those who have seen it, know that it touches those of us who believe that Jesus was more than just a man, or a prophet. At the end of the movie when the shephards and wise men knelt before the Christ child, I thought of how wonderful it will be for me to have my turn, to kneel before Him when He comes again. Just as the people then believed that a "king of kings" would be born, I know that He is coming again. And I want to face Him knowing that I did all that I could to be the woman that He can smile at and say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

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