Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dino Museum

We go to the Dinosaur Museum often because we have an annual pass. The kids LOVE it there. On the way to the museum, Mason was a happy boy!!! We went with some friends (Abby, Lizzy, and Mom.... and Jamison and Mom). They have an "erosion table" where kids (an adults) can build things with sand, then the water erodes it away. It's a little too much fun and great for exfoliating your hands! We also watched the IMAX 3-D movie about dinosaurs. Afterwards, we headed over to Cabela's for a little browsing, but didn't find much. We all seemed to drag today, so it will be nice to get a good night's sleep. Sean has suddenly decided that he wants his hair short, so the next picture you see, he may look different. Stay tuned!!!

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