Sunday, April 15, 2007

Another gathering Sunday

Gathering together with family is such a typical Sunday activity. Well, today we overslept and didn't make it to church. Okay, I feel really bad about sleeping through the alarm. I know I'm the only one who normally wakes up to the alarm, but why did I sleep through it this morning? What will we do now? If mom cant wake up in a house full of boys, then what are we to do? So I let Nick sleep until 11 AM, then I took a nap. We actually really needed a "down day." It was mellow and nice. Then we went to Nick's mom's for a family gathering. There is always something to go to, isn't there?

Cooper made friends with some of the kids that came up from BYU with Nick's brother. There were about 15 of them and Cooper instantly saw that there was something special about these college kids. Cooper also enjoyed the trampoline as usual.

Sean discovered something in his teeth which he continued to show me while I was trying to take his picture. This was all I got.

Mason discovered Rice Krispie Treats. In case you cant tell, he DID have to go home in just a diaper.

We celebrated Great Grandma Gibbons', Great Grandpa M's and one of the kids from BYU's birthday.

Grandma and Papa M discovered Google Earth. They looked at the satellite images of all of their many properties, including their elk farm, real farm, house boat, hunting property, etc, etc.

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