Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween 06

Even though I'm retexturing and painting our walls, I found time to "do" halloween. Cooper is Harry Potter, Sean is an "army guy" and Mason a bee.

The day itself was a FLOP. We headed to Nick's best friend, Luke's home to trick-or-treat with his kids. Nick and I took the three boys in tow and by the 3rd house Cooper says, "I don't feel well," just sits down and refuses to move. Since this is not normal behavior for him, I took him back to Luke's house and promptly fed him some chicken noodle soup (made by Luke's wife, Laura). He began to feel better. A few minutes later, Nick comes back with Sean and says, "Sean said that he's too tired." So while we're getting some food into both boys, Mason decides to see what stairs are all about. We heard a prolonged thumping sound followed by a frightened little cry. We rounded the corner and Mason was sitting dazed at the bottom of Luke and Laura's basement stairs. Don't freak out, he was completely fine. He now proceeds cautiously when he sees stairs. We then proceeded to return to our home. We'd given up on the evening. After washing up the kids and getting their jammies on. Sean decides to see if he can shove a whole peppermint disc down his throat. Long story short, he gags, and proceeds to barf up everything that he'd eaten in the past 4 hours. Finally, we got the kids to bed and I stayed up late getting the walls ready to prime.