Tuesday, November 1, 2005

coop and the count

Cooper has always had a sunny disposition. From the day of his birth we knew he was special. We knew he would be a force for good. He learned quickly about anything and everything. At 18 months as we would drive in the car, he would find letters in billboards and signs and yell them from his car seat, "Mommy, D!! .... Mommy, T!!!" But most of all he loved and still loves numbers. He measured everything in numbers. So it was only natural when he developed a fascination for "the count." Oh man, when the count would come on, he would stand up and count with him, his little fists were tight balls of anticipation. And when he got to the number of the day, Cooper would jump up and down, shaking with excitement, screaming and laughing. I have a video of it somewhere. But it's in "tape" form and I'm having trouble converting them to digital.

Pictured at 2 1/2 years old. (Click on photo of the count to watch him do a countdown)

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Julie J. said...

That is terribly cute! And this is a great idea. I might have to borrow it from you.