Friday, August 1, 1997

a night to remember

While living and finishing up my BA in San Marcos, CA, I lived with two VERY cool roommates, Jamie and Amy. We got along great. I remember Jamie liked to leave the cupboards open and practically sliced her thumb off with the Cutco knives that Amy was selling. But we had a fun time! We had "roommate night" which was our version of Family Home Evening. One of our favorite things to do was go "swimming at sunset" in the ocean, where we would punch waves, pretending they were the latest boy that we were not too happy with.

I remember once we all went to a dance. The dance was totally lame. So we decided to go home and watch a movie. We went home and pulled out the hid-a-bed, where we watched "An Affair to Remember." It was the best! We analyzed the actors' body language, facial expressions and realized what good acting is. We laughed and cried together. Seriously, my love of this movie stems from that night, with good friends... good times. (PS. Click on pic for link to video montage)